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It all starts by going within.

Find more clarity & fulfillment through intuitive + intentional living.

I consider intuitive + intentional living to be the pillars of living a Nourish + Shine Life. It’s about tuning in to what your body, mind & spirit crave and making intentional choices everyday that make you feel good. It’s about allowing your true, authentic self to shine in your life.

I have lots of free resources available for you on my website! Here are some of my favorite & most popular articles to get you started!

Looking for clarity?

Feeling stuck or unclear is no fun. I’ve been there…and I want to help! Here are some of my favorite resources and tips for finding clarity.

3 exercises to help you find clarity (and how to make it stick)

What to do when you feel stuck

How to make the right choice for you

What to do when self-discovery makes you feel like you’re going in circles

3 steps to conquer your fear of making a decision

How do we live more intentionally if we don’t know what we want?

Try a 3 Minute Meditation on Clarity

Feeling overwhelmed?

If you’re stressed out or overwhelmed, I’ve got some ideas and tips for how to cut stress, simplify your life and practice self-care so that you can live with more joy & purpose.

5 tips to clear clutter & cut overwhelm in all areas of your life

Self-care: 30 Ways to Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit

How to create a morning routine that nourishes your body, mind and spirit

Breathe In: How to use your breath to reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm

Five ways to express gratitude that nourish your body, mind & spirit

10 Ways to Release Negative Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs

Why is self-care important to living an intentional life?

Try a 3 Minute Meditation to Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Want to strengthen your intuition?

Living intuitively means listening to, trusting and acting on our inner wisdom. We all have an inner voice that is connected to our true authentic self. Our inner voice knows what’s best for us and it is always there ready to help guide us.

Here are some resources to help you connect to and strengthen your intuition. Don’t forget to sign up for my free mini e-course: Reconnect to your Wise Self!

5 Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition

Signs, Symbols & Synchronicity: What is your intuition trying to communicate?

What is visualization and how can I use it to connect to my intuition?

How can I use journaling or automatic writing to access my inner wisdom?

3 Tips for Starting a Daily Meditation Practice

What does it mean to Go Within?

Try a 3 Minute Meditation to Increase your Intuition

Curious about intentional living?

Living intentionally means living with purpose and presence. While we can’t control the circumstances around us, we can control how we react and the actions we choose to take–that is what intentional living is all about.

Here are some resources to get your started with intentional living. You can also find my PDF Intentional Living Roadmap in the Nourish + Shine Library.

How to set intentions (My 2-step process)

5 Questions That Are Essential for Living Intentionally

How can affirmations help with intentional living?

What is intentional eating? The 2 questions you must ask yourself about the food you’re putting into your body.

Bring more intention & presence into your life with this 3 Minute Meditation.


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